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In case you missed it, the way content appears in our news feeds is going to change. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook announced that they are rolling out changes to the news feed that will prioritise content from users families and friends over businesses, brands & news outlets.

The core objective of this latest update is to bring more quality and meaningful posts into users feeds. With the huge volume of content being published by brands, businesses & news outlets your timeline can feel like one big advertising & content ticker featuring everyone but your family and friends. At its core, this new algorithm update will no doubt be welcomed by almost all of Facebook users.

But What About The Brands, Businesses and News Outlets?

This is where it starts to get interesting. Without a doubt, this new update will mean that the organic reach, views, interactions etc of brands content will drop, and in some cases, this drop will be quite severe. There are countless articles shouting about how hard it is to achieve any traction organically using Facebook. And these articles are correct. It is very hard. But, the reason for this is because a lot of people have spoilt the Facebook experience. The volume of posts/content has gone up while the quality has undoubtedly dropped. Marketers and brands have become lazy. And now Facebook has reacted.

The options are quite simple.

  1. Invest in highly targeted, relevant, useful and interesting paid advertising campaigns. Yes, this requires more expenditure, but it is very much the natural progression of the platform. We all remember when Google took away all of the keyword data from Analytics yet kept it all available in AdWords. This is a similar tactic from Facebook.
  2. Create better content. Facebook uses likes, comments, shares and volume of discussion as factors to consider when pushing content higher up users news feeds. This means coming up with interesting content, creating videos, designing stand-out graphics and simply having a strategy behind your content.

Final Word

Every algorithm update on any platform should be met with enthusiasm. If your content is a little boring or you aren’t investing in Facebook ads, now is the time to start putting a strategy together to improve these two elements.  Let’s put it this way, Facebook won’t be reversing their decision so you have a simple choice to make – play the game, or don’t.

Read the official announcement here.

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