New Google AdWords Beta Layout

Brace yourselves, change is coming. Google AdWords is undergoing a facelift in order to modernise the layout and navigation of the AdWords platform. This has slowly been made available to a number of client accounts over the past couple of months. Search Engine Land covered the proposed changes and layout design in their post back in March, but now we have been able to test the new layout through several of our client accounts.

*We have deliberately removed personal client data relating to the account. That’s for our eyes only.

So What Does It Look Like?

What you’ll notice straight away is how similar it looks to Analytics & Tag Manager. This is as we expected. Clean and modern layouts have been introduced to both products in the past 12 months so Google has plenty of data and feedback to know what users are looking for. when you first switch from the old to the new you will initially feel lost. A bit like that moment you step outside of the office without feeling your phone in your pocket. Fear not, embrace the change and everything will be okay.

Once you take the short guided tour (we recommend you do. Don’t be a hero and try and go solo), everything will fall into place and you get used to where everything is very quickly. The menu bar has been moved to the right-hand side of the screen, away from the current top level navigation layout we are currently using. This menu slides in and out from the right-hand side to maximise the amount of information displayed on your screen. If you’re working off a small-ish 13″ laptop screen this makes a big difference.

You can access your Search, Shopping & Display campaigns directly from this right-hand side menu. Clicking on a campaign type will filter out your campaigns of this type to allow you to focus on only one. We like this new feature a lot. It’s easy to distinguish your search, shopping & display campaigns in the current layout, but we haven’t been able to isolate them in this way before.

Show Me The New Stuff!

Do you know how much we like the age & demographics reports in Analytics? Well, they have now made their way into the AdWords dashboard. Along with topics and placements, these metrics now get their own place in the secondary right-hand side menu. This added data will be very useful to analyse in one eco-system, rather than having to switch between Analytics & AdWords. A lot of the changes that we can see have been implemented on the basis of the user experience of Analytics and of course, customer feedback. So far, so good.

The Keywords Section Is Much Better

It really is.  Keywords, negative keywords, and search terms all appear separately still, but in a much cleaner layout. Throughout the new dashboard, you will find the core menu options on the right-hand side and the secondary menu options appearing at the top of the screen layout. Moving around the whole systems certainly feels much better. One thing to be aware of is that if you select a certain campaign type, it will remain as the present view when you select the keywords or ads menu options. Simply clicking the campaign overview of the campaign type you are after will resolve this, however.

Final Word

Roll this out ASAP. If you have the option to try the new AdWords Beta version in your account make sure to give it a try. Ultimately, this new layout is coming so everyone is going to have to use it sooner or later. If you use Analytics regularly, you’ll have no issues making the transition across to the new layout. We’re big fans of it here at Wolf HQ. Let us know what you think over on Twitter.

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