What Are The Different Types Of Google Ad Campaigns?

Google’s advertising platform (Google Ads) has become one of the core components of any digital marketing strategy. Whether your business sells products, services, or consultancy, one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing customers is through the range of advertising methods available through Google Ads. Managed correctly, a multi-channel approach to paid advertising can bring new customers to your site and convert existing website visitors in one cohesive marketing effort. If you are unsure which campaign might suit your business requirements, take a look at the different options available to you below.


Create text or call ads that show near search results of Google.co.uk, on Google search partners sites and more.


Create visually appealing ads that serve across the Google Display Network, on Youtube, and on mobile or in-app.


Create Shopping ads that drive online and in-store sales, website clicks, and other conversions.


Create video ads that are designed to increase reach and awareness, encourage engagement, or drive conversions.


Create app promotion ads that serve across the Google Search Network, the Display Network, Google Play, within other apps, and on YouTube.


Create text and image ads that show on Google, Google Maps, and across the web, and take advantage of minimal hands-on ads management.


Create visually rich, personalized ads that drive engagement with your brand across YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and more.

Final Word

The flexibility that the Google Ad platform gives you in terms of targeting, budgeting and ad varieties makes it a core component of any successful marketing campaign. A search campaign can bring a visitor to your website for the first time. A remarketing campaign can bring them back to your site a few days later and a shopping campaign can allow the same user to spot your brand at the top of Google to complete a purchase. We have been managing multi-channel Google ad campaigns for many years and it was one of the most effective methods of reaching and retaining customers on a regular basis. If your competitors are appearing high in the Google search results, it’s imperative that your brand competes with them for that coveted space.